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Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Tue Nov 18 08:44:04 NZDT 2008

Hi John,
Do you mean the Acer One - or the Asus Eee PC?

I have an Asus Eee PC 701, I find it quite useful but I do not use it as 
my fulltime PC.  The lack of screen real estate can get frustrating from 
time to time but for portability it's hard to beat.

If you look at the 900 series of Eee PC you may have better luck, the 
improved screen size and resolution is a big plus. My wife has the 901 
(WinXP) and I think that version with Linux would've been my preference... 
however I won my Eee in a raffle, so didn't get a choice :)


On Tue, 18 Nov 2008, thefrasers wrote:

> Dear All,
> Just to recap, what do you all think of the Acer Eee
> notebooks now that you have had a chance to try them out. I
> am intending to put the universal-in-our-household PCLOS on
> one if I go ahead, and am drawn to the idea of the thing's
> portability. I am a hunt and peck typist so keyboard size is
> a minor factor but please, be honest in appraisal of the
> warts. What works, what doesn't. Santa would need to be
> advised prior to mid-December if a purchase is to go ahead.
> Thanks,
> John.
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