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Peter Lambrechtsen plambrechtsen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 08:29:41 NZDT 2008

On 20/11/2008, at 3:43 AM, Mark Foster <blakjak at blakjak.net> wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Bruce Hoult wrote:
>> On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 9:35 PM, Tim O'Brien <timalot at gmail.com>  
>> wrote:
>>> The 701 is good for watching videos, listening to music, skype/IM ,
>>> wireless ethernet bridge etc... Also not a bad terminal. Battery
>>> performance means that you basically need an AC adapter at all  
>>> times.
>> That's kinda wierd, because the iPhone is *much* smaller and only a
>> couple of times slower at most -- about the speed of a 400 MHz  
>> PowerPC
>> G4 by my tests, while the 701 is about the speed of a 1.25 GHz  
>> PowerPC
>> G4 (though the speed difference in web browsing is much less
>> noticeable than that) -- and yet the iPhone can play movies for "up  
>> to
>> 7 hours", or browse the web via wifi for "up to 6 hours".  One of the
>> main things I use mine for is as an e-book reader.  I haven't timed
>> how long it can do that, but it's in the region of at least 10 - 12
>> hours.  And I find the screen far more readable than the 701 I played
>> with.
> Weird? Sounds to me like a bit of attitude in there Bruce. :-)
> On the other hand, because I don't like Apple's lock-in attitudes,
> I've tried to stay away from Apple Proprietary stuff. Alternatively,  
> the
> Eee PC is morally a fairly stand-up application of technology. It
> also has a full QWERTY keyboard that's a little quicker to use than a
> touchscreen phone, and has the means to connect external
> keyboard/monitor/mouse at whim.. the iPhone may be an extremely  
> portable
> box with a fairly decent UI and efficient rendering space on-screen  
> - but
> the Eee is in another class, IMHO.

I disagree with your opninon of the iPhone keyboard I find it very  
simplistic to use with my fat fingers and it's spell correction when  
you hit the wrong key is awesome. Keyboard and mouse monitor is one  
issue but you can connect anthony Bluetooth up to it not that I have  
tried a mouse or keyboard.
But for me the interface is what sets if apart from every other device  
I have ever used it is so incredibly polished and that is the reason  
why I love my series 1 jailbroken anysim 8gb iPhone, gestures and the  
touch screen interface are just amazing, no other pocket device comes  
remotely close to it.  Yes there are things that annoy me such as no  
external storage card support plus poor battery in comprison to my old  
nokia but it is a computer but no mass storage does get me the most  
but I would never trade it in. There is just such a wealth of  
excellent free and open source apps out there for a hacked iPhone.
Written while on the bus listening to music after smsing my wife on a  
device that I spent $450nz on about 8 months ago.

I would still like an eee tho :)

> Mark
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