[wellylug] Kingston Brand RAMs

marchetti marchetti at clear.net.nz
Mon Oct 6 16:56:50 NZDT 2008

Belatedly, I am informed (APC P83, Oct 2008 issue) many PC
manufacturers publicly state they do not support the
Kingston brand of RAMs. Gang, is Asus one of them? 

I ask because some months ago I used the Kingston brand for
an upgrade to the maximum recommended for a Xandros-loaded
Eee PC, 2GB. Afterwards, while the upgrade was recognised
under Diagnostic Tool as 2048 MB, it was not under System
Info., where the memory size was still listed as 1024 MB. It
may be this does not matter much: it is a case of the
utilities(?)not recognising the additional RAM... But if it
does, I'll have to experiment.

I note the DSE house brand is in fact Hynix, which I
understand is a very good brand. 

Any thoughts?? Cheers


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