[wellylug] Multimedia Nightmares

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sat Sep 12 15:20:42 NZST 2009

Mark Foster <blakjak at blakjak.net> writes:

> Being the recipient of a codec pack that is not permitted to be
> 'redistributed' based on what you just said, is likely not illegal.
> You're not distributing it; you're installing it.

In fairness, I wasn't as clear as I should have been:

For most of the codecs involved the license agreement makes it illegal to
distribute them in the form provided.  When you receive the codec in this way
you have received a copy that you do not have a license for.

On that basis, which is that you have received a copy of the code that was not
distributed legitimately, you don't have the right to install, use or whatever
the codec, or code, in question.

That is exactly the same reason receiving and installing a copy of Windows, or
an MP3 copy of a music file is illegal — even through you are installing it,
not distributing it.

(Just to be clear: I don't think it should be impossible for companies to
 impose such terms, personally, but I do believe that the license agreements
 are often both stupid and morally wrong.  Sadly, the law doesn't care too
 much about the moral arguments, mostly.)

> (The point about installing on a non-windows machine would still be valid,
>  of course.)



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