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Hi Grant,

Given the chances are some sort of new hardware incompatibility, you might try the beta of Ubuntu 11.04 (natty with kernel 2.6.38 ) to see if this addresses such issues. If there are still problems, you could try to get them diagnosed/resolved as part of the beta test programme. 



  Brent Wood

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I picked up a new desktop PC yesterday with the intention of running
Ubuntu Linux on it but unfortunately haven't had any success with the
installation.  The model is HP All-In-One 200-5020A.

I burnt a 10.10 (Maverick) i386 image onto a USB drive and later onto a
CDROM.  In both cases the initial signs were promising and the Ubuntu
boot screen appeared with the logo at the bottom but then it dropped
back to a text screen with a mass of messages scrolling by at very high

I was able to successfully boot my laptop using both the USB stick and
the CD, so I'm wondering if there's some hardware incompatibility with
the desktop system.

I'd like to tell you what the messages on screen say but they're
scrolling by so fast I can't read them.  I tried the Pause key, Scroll
Lock, Ctrl-S and various other key combinations but nothing seemed to
affect it.  I even took a photo hoping to freeze it but to no avail:


It's my understanding that the numbers in the first column indicate the
time (milliseconds?) since the kernel started running, but in this case
the numbers are not increasing (even after leaving the messages to
scroll by for several minutes).

I grabbed an ISO of a different (small) linux distro called 'INSERT' and
it displayed the bootloader and then hung with a blank screen after
loading the kernel.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I could try next?


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